There’s More to MAXIEM’s Value than its Good Price

We designed the MAXIEM line with quality and value in mind. We at OMAX wanted it to be an accessible, cost-effective line so that those shop owners and metalworkers who thought they’d never be able to afford water jet technology could use it, after all.

And what we ended up with is a group of products so great, they’re starting a bit of a revolution in the industry. The MAXIEM line of waterjet cutting machines is in such demand that we’re in the process of adding multiple new models to the line. Certainly keeps me busy.

Part of the appeal of the MAXIEM waterjet product line is its proven, cost-effective package; no other line provides users with such an affordable, highly-production solution for part production. In addition, we perform a ballbar test on each customer order and perform a test run in our production facility before shipping the model to you. And customers love knowing that MAXIEM machines are backed by the highest number of technicians per machine based on units in the field.

And another part of its value quotient is that customers would expect to pay more for the line’s quality and precision. And by adding any number of accessories, you can do even more with your MAXIEM. You can add them to your new machine when you place your order or years afterwards — just one more way MAXIEM helps you stay competitive.

Finally, one of the MAXIEM line’s key design elements is the first industrial, patented Intelli-TRAX® linear drive technology, designed to offer superior performance in a harsh abrasive waterjet cutting environment.

It’s nice to know that when you build a great line of machines, they get noticed. But even better, they get used.

Brian Guglielmetti is MAXIEM’s senior engineering designer.

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How to Buy Exactly as Much Machine as You Need

I designed the MAXIEM line of machines, so sometimes I’m asked to join the company’s salespeople during their talks with customers in case any really specific questions pop up. Some customers presume I’m going to wow them with jargon and equations and other fancy engineering concepts. Maybe that’s what they hear elsewhere — I don’t know. But my favorite question to ask them is this:

“What do you need this machine to do to make you money?”

And suddenly we’re speaking the same language. When we get to talking, they learn that MAXIEM Waterjets were designed specifically to cut reliably, efficiently and simply. That’s why MAXIEM Waterjets are used by many shops just getting into waterjet technology: The MAXIEM line sets the standard for waterjet machines — at an affordable price.

The waterjets also are very robustly built. We know these machines are on-call to cut a variety of things in the span of a workday, so we’ve engineered them to be tough. We also realize that different customers have different space concerns, so you can get a number of differently-sized machines, from those that handle smaller jobs to ones that can cut through longer pieces of material.

Whether you’re running a fabrication shop or cutting stone, producing gaskets or signs, or even using a MAXIEM machine to train students at a trade school or university, you’ll find these waterjets to be an affordable, high-quality way to enter the market.

Why choose MAXIEM? It’s simple — literally. The plug-and-play aspects of the MAXIEM line means both experienced and newbie waterjet users will catch on in no time. Easy to buy, easy to set up, easy to operate… in other words, just what you need to make you money.

Brian Guglielmetti is MAXIEM’s senior engineering designer.

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Some Advantages of the MAXIEM Waterjet Systems

Easy-to-use software suite
The OMAX Intelli-MAX® software is simple and easy to use.  Drawing files created by other CAD programs can be imported and edited. The MAXIEM is completely controlled by software running on a standard PC eliminating the need for operator intervention.

OMAX IntelliMAX Software

OMAX Intelli-MAX Software

“Compute First – Move Later”
The entire path and speed of the abrasivejet nozzle is carefully calculated, taking into account the material to be machined and the shape of the part, at a resolution of over 1,000 points per inch, before the cut is made. This allows the speed and acceleration of the abrasivejet nozzle to be precisely controlled for smooth, even cutting.

MAXIEM Waterjet Nozzle

MAXIEM Waterjet Nozzle

Direct Drive Pump
The MAXIEM Pumps can produce a much better quality stream of high-pressure water than other pump types. Also, with the use of the crankshaft drive, there is no lost energy in moving hydraulic pistons. The result is higher efficiency and lower cost.

MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump

MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump

Rapid turnaround
The MAXIEM JetCutting Center gives you the ability to quickly go from drawing to finished part. MAXIEM economically machines production runs as small as one piece.

Customer Care
MAXIEM is continually committed to providing the highest quality of customer care. Factory-trained experts are available to answer questions over the phone or come to you to help diagnose and fix any problems or advise you regarding your particular application.

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What is an Abrasive Waterjet? What Material Can it Cut? How Thick Can it Cut?

The Basics:

What is a waterjet and how does it work?
Waterjet is a general term that describes how a high pressure stream of water is used to cut or clean material. There are two main types of waterjet systems: water-only cutting and abrasivejet cutting with the MAXIEM you can achieve both processes.

What materials can the MAXIEM waterjet cut?
MAXIEM cut almost anything, the material that is cut the most are metals, which can be cut into different shapes precisely, quickly, and inexpensively. MAXIEM can cut many other types of material including stone, plastic, glass, ceramics, and composites without creating a heat-affected zone or mechanical stresses. The two main materials the waterjet can not cut are diamonds and tempered glass as the diamonds are too hard, and tempered glass will shatter. partpics

What is the thickest material a MAXIEM waterjet system can cut?
The basic limit for most materials and conditions is about 4 inches thick. Thicker than that, and tolerances will fall and the machining times increase. There are some cases depending on the users were we have seen up to 8 inches which is a limit based on the maximum Z-axis travel. (In other words the highest you can raise the nozzle for cutting the material.) It is still possible to remove slats from the machine and cut even thicker parts. Here are some images of extremely thick cut parts:

Thick Slice Cut

MAXIEM Waterjets provides a low-cost alternative for the fabricating and machine shops that need a solid, basic abrasive waterjet cutting system with the quality and reliability.

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