How to Buy Exactly as Much Machine as You Need

I designed the MAXIEM line of machines, so sometimes I’m asked to join the company’s salespeople during their talks with customers in case any really specific questions pop up. Some customers presume I’m going to wow them with jargon and equations and other fancy engineering concepts. Maybe that’s what they hear elsewhere — I don’t know. But my favorite question to ask them is this:

“What do you need this machine to do to make you money?”

And suddenly we’re speaking the same language. When we get to talking, they learn that MAXIEM Waterjets were designed specifically to cut reliably, efficiently and simply. That’s why MAXIEM Waterjets are used by many shops just getting into waterjet technology: The MAXIEM line sets the standard for waterjet machines — at an affordable price.

The waterjets also are very robustly built. We know these machines are on-call to cut a variety of things in the span of a workday, so we’ve engineered them to be tough. We also realize that different customers have different space concerns, so you can get a number of differently-sized machines, from those that handle smaller jobs to ones that can cut through longer pieces of material.

Whether you’re running a fabrication shop or cutting stone, producing gaskets or signs, or even using a MAXIEM machine to train students at a trade school or university, you’ll find these waterjets to be an affordable, high-quality way to enter the market.

Why choose MAXIEM? It’s simple — literally. The plug-and-play aspects of the MAXIEM line means both experienced and newbie waterjet users will catch on in no time. Easy to buy, easy to set up, easy to operate… in other words, just what you need to make you money.

Brian Guglielmetti is MAXIEM’s senior engineering designer.

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