Some Advantages of the MAXIEM Waterjet Systems

Easy-to-use software suite
The OMAX Intelli-MAX® software is simple and easy to use.  Drawing files created by other CAD programs can be imported and edited. The MAXIEM is completely controlled by software running on a standard PC eliminating the need for operator intervention.

OMAX IntelliMAX Software

OMAX Intelli-MAX Software

“Compute First – Move Later”
The entire path and speed of the abrasivejet nozzle is carefully calculated, taking into account the material to be machined and the shape of the part, at a resolution of over 1,000 points per inch, before the cut is made. This allows the speed and acceleration of the abrasivejet nozzle to be precisely controlled for smooth, even cutting.

MAXIEM Waterjet Nozzle

MAXIEM Waterjet Nozzle

Direct Drive Pump
The MAXIEM Pumps can produce a much better quality stream of high-pressure water than other pump types. Also, with the use of the crankshaft drive, there is no lost energy in moving hydraulic pistons. The result is higher efficiency and lower cost.

MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump

MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump

Rapid turnaround
The MAXIEM JetCutting Center gives you the ability to quickly go from drawing to finished part. MAXIEM economically machines production runs as small as one piece.

Customer Care
MAXIEM is continually committed to providing the highest quality of customer care. Factory-trained experts are available to answer questions over the phone or come to you to help diagnose and fix any problems or advise you regarding your particular application.

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